The Jasper County Economic Development Organization, Inc. (JCEDO) is the countywide economic development entity for Jasper County, Indiana.  A public-private partnership incorporated in 1986 as a 501(c)(3) corporation, JCEDO assists agricultural, business, civic, commercial, financial, industrial, recreational, residential, tourism, and trade interests with initiatives targeted to achieve maximum employment and wealth.  Click the photo at right to access the 2015-2016 JCEDO Annual Report.

Attracting New Business

JCEDO is committed to maintaining and enhancing a countywide business climate that helps stimulate the attraction and start-up of new businesses in Jasper County.  Through our network of stakeholders and economic development partners we supply technical expertise and access to financing and incentive programs designed to encourage business growth and prosperity.

Helping Existing Businesses

Fundamentally important to Jasper County’s economic health is the viability, profitability and growth of existing businesses.  The principal component of JCEDO’s Business Retention and Expansion Program is outreach to local businesses through personal visits, telephone contacts, electronic communication and networking.  Through these channels, JCEDO identifies economic growth opportunities while also being available to help local businesses proactively address challenges.

Impacting Public Policy

JCEDO is active in the government and legislative affairs arena.  A top priority is to maintain excellent relationships with the leaders of Jasper County and its municipalities in order to be knowledgeable regarding local issues and to advocate for or against specific policies.  In addition, JCEDO provides its government partners with research support and policy guidance.  At the state and national levels, JCEDO regularly advocates for business friendly legislation and policies with elected and appointed officials.

JCEDO Marketing Flyer ReverseMarketing Initiatives

The importance of building brand recognition for Jasper County in the economic development marketplace is essential.  JCEDO is visible in numerous organizations, regularly participates in a variety of networking activities, and relies extensively on electronic marketing communications to promote Jasper County throughout the state, region and locally.

Strategic Investment

Critical to Jasper County’s ability to support future growth is visionary planning coupled with capital investment in infrastructure.  JCEDO is actively involved in a series of strategic initiatives designed to sustain and enhance Jasper County’s attractiveness as a business and residential location.

Promoting Tourism

The Jasper County Tourism Commission (JCTC) is the lead entity guiding the countywide tourism initiative and invests in productive activities designed to increase the economic impact produced by visitors’ spending at hotels, restaurants, attractions, events, and other tourism oriented businesses.  JCEDO provides administrative and professional staffing services to support the JCTC’s efforts.  Visit the Jasper County Tourism Website.