Efficient Utilities

Indiana Fiber Network MapA variety of dependable and cost-effective utility providers supply the needs of the businesses and residents of Jasper County and its municipalities.  Listed below are the various public and private sector utilities that provide reliable service to each respective community and the unincorporated areas of Jasper County.  Also furnished is the Indiana Fiber Network Map and tables containing relevant temperature and participation related climate data for Jasper County.


Operates the newest municipal water system in Indiana.

Mean Temperature °F High Low
January 30 14
February 36 19
March 47 29
April 60 39
May 72 50
June 81 60
July 85 64
August 83 61
September 76 53
October 64 41
November 49 32
December 36 21

Electric – Jasper County REMC, NIPSCO
Natural Gas – NIPSCO
Water – NORWEJ
Wastewater – DeMotte Wastewater
Telecommunications – Comcast, NITCO


Recently expanded wastewater treatment plant and preparing to open new water treatment plant.

Electric – Jasper County REMC, NIPSCO
Natural Gas – NIPSCO
Water – Remington Water Works
Wastewater – Remington Wastewater
Telecommunications – CenturyLink, Comcast


One of only three municipalities in Indiana that owns its electric, natural gas, water and wastewater utilities.

Electric – Rensselaer Electric Department
Natural Gas – Rensselaer Gas Department
Water – Rensselaer Water Department
Wastewater – Rensselaer Sewage Department
Telecommunications – CenturyLink, TV Cable of Rensselaer

Mean Precipitation Inches
January 1.97
February 1.65
March 3.11
April 3.50
May 4.25
June 4.33
July 3.86
August 3.46
September 3.27
October 2.99
November 3.23
December 2.76


Constructing various wastewater system enhancements.

Electric – NIPSCO
Natural Gas – NIPSCO
Water – Well Systems
Wastewater – Wheatfield Wastewater
Telecommunications – CenturyLink, Mediacom

Unincorporated Jasper County

Some properties can be annexed into municipal utility service territories.

Electric – Carroll White County REMC, Jasper County REMC, NIPSCO
Natural Gas – NIPSCO
Water – Well Systems
Wastewater – Septic Systems
Telecommunications – CenturyLink, Comcast, NITCO, TV Cable of Rensselaer