Northwest Indiana Profile

Regional Highlighted Map GraphicJasper County is located at the center of the ten-county, 4,629 square mile Northwest Indiana Region.  To the north, the counties of Lake, Porter and LaPorte border Lake Michigan and have varying levels of urbanization and industrialization.  The directional pattern of development follows the lakefront from west to east and essentially functions as an extension of Chicago.  The closer to Chicago and the Lake, the more urbanized and industrialized the area.  Numerous suburban oriented communities also exist within these counties as does a rural character in the southern portion of each respective county.

Surrounding Jasper County to the east, south and west are the agricultural counties of Starke, Pulaski, White, Benton, and Newton.  While similar to Jasper County in many ways, two principal differentiators exist which furnish Jasper County with competitive advantage regarding future economic growth – its central geographic location and Interstate 65 traversing the entire length of the County.  As evidence of this competitive advantage, during the 2000–2010 period Jasper County was the only county in this subgroup that grew in population.

Tippecanoe County, while not bordering Jasper County, comprises the southern portion of the region due to its close proximity via I-65.  Similar to the northern portion of the region due to its large population base, Tippecanoe County is a source of both labor for Jasper County employers and jobs for Jasper County residents.

Economic Development Partnership

NIF LogoThe Northwest Indiana Forum (NIF) is the regional economic development entity serving the counties of Jasper, Lake, LaPorte, Newton, Porter, Pulaski and Starke Counties.  It works to create a positive business environment as well as promote the region as a location for capital investment and job creation.

Regional Demographics

The following tables include selected demographic statistics for the ten-county Northwest Indiana Region.

Population #
 2010 1,062,579
 2015 1,067,207
 2020 Projection 1,109,412
 2010-2015 Change +.44%
 Projected Change 2015-2020 +3.95%
Housing # %
Total Housing Units 451,713 100
Occupied 400,489 88.7
Vacant 51,224 11.3
Owner Occupied 274,393 68.5
Renter Occupied 126,096 31.5
 2015 Population By Age # %
 0-4 65,095 6.1
 5-19 218,487 20.5
 20-24 89,696 8.4
 25-44 265,295 24.9
 45-64 281,312 26.3
 65 and up 147,322 13.8
 2015 Population By Race # %
 Asian 22,987 2.2
 Black 148,707 13.9
 Native American 2,554 .2
 Other 51,326 4.8
 Pacific Islander 346 .1
 White (w/Hispanic) 816,281 76.5
 Two or More Races 25,006 2.3
 Hispanic (any Race) 129,636 12.2