Reasons to Invest

Jasper County and the State of Indiana understand the importance of cultivating a business climate that ensures success and have consistently demonstrated their partnership with the private sector.  Their commitment to a stable and favorable tax and regulatory environment is designed to stimulate growth and investment and compares favorably with neighboring states.  Today, Jasper County is:Agriculture & Industry Photo

  • The leading agriculture producing county in Indiana with the market value of product sold, divided approximately evenly between crops and livestock, significantly higher than any other county in the state;
  • Home to a strong industrial base with a mix of manufacturing and processing, distribution and logistics, and R&D related companies;
  • Growing in the northern portion of the county as businesses and residents relocate from urbanized areas in Chicago and northwest Indiana;
  • Growing in the central and southern portions of the county as businesses establish or expand facilities to take advantage of the outstanding work force, excellent transportation access, and competitive operating costs;
  • Prosperous and committed to responsible economic growth through business, residential, and institutional expansion and attraction.

What Others Are Saying

The State of Indiana ranks high in the nation for job creation and economic growth and maintains a business environment superior to the bordering states of Illinois, Michigan and Ohio.  Committed to a favorable tax and regulatory environment, Indiana recently became a Right-to-Work State and is one of a select group of states that maintains a AAA Credit Rating from all three major ratings organizations – Fitch, Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s.  The following accolades help illustrate Indiana’s competitive advantage as the best business environment in the Midwest:Indiana State Flag Graphic

  • CNBC ranks Indiana 1st in America’s Top States for Business in 2016 – Cost of Doing Business;
  • The Tax Foundation ranks Indiana the Top State in the Midwest and 8th Best Nationally in the 2017 State Business Tax Climate Index;
  • The Pacific Research Institute ranks Indiana as the Best Regulatory Environment by State;
  • Chief Executive Magazine ranks Indiana 5th in the 2016 Best & Worst States for Business Survey.