Small Business Article – Lee’s Trees Wheatfield Indiana

Small Business Article – Lee’s Trees Wheatfield Indiana

Lee’s Trees is a local tree farm in Wheatfield, Indiana. The address is 15284 N 300 W, Wheatfield, IN 46392. The hours of operation are Monday through Friday 12pm-6pm and Saturday 9am-6pm. Last year Lee sold 575 trees. He plants trees every April. In 2021 he planted 400 trees, in 2022 he plans to plant 1,000 trees! It takes about 5-7 years for a Christmas tree to grow big enough to cut.

Business Backstory

Lee started Lee’s Trees because Christmas tree farms are slowly dying down and he wanted to keep the tradition alive. He has owned and operated Lee’s Trees since 2014. They are on their 8th year of business this season. Lee’s grandfather used to run a farm stand with precut Christmas trees where his brother and him used to help. Lee takes vacation time from his everyday job to run the Christmas tree farm every year.


What Lee’s Trees Offers

Lee’s Trees has a few different types of Christmas trees such as fraser fern, scotch pine, and white pine. They also offer many different sized Christmas Wreaths, potted trees, and they have a little gift shop inside of the barn. While I was visiting Lee’s Tree farm, I got to watch him prepare a wreathe for a grave site. If you are needing a grave blanket or wreathe, give them a call.

How it Works

Lee does offer precut trees that you can pick out and take home. You can also go out to the Christmas tree field and pick your own, cut it, and bring it up to the barn to be shaken, trimmed, and wrapped to go home. On Saturdays at the Christmas Tree farm they have a local vendor, The Wondering Mule Co., serving hot chocolate and apple cider! They also have Santa Clause out at their property for all to enjoy.

Fun for the Whole Family

Lee’s trees is a dog friendly operation. If you go out to the farm for a tree you might notice three of Lee’s dogs running around. Victor, Ruben, and Simon are very friendly! If you are needing some Christmas Cheer this Holiday season, head out to Lee’s Trees! For more information visit their Facebook page HERE.



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