Wheatfield Welcome Sign.jpgThe smallest of Jasper County’s four municipalities, Wheatfield, Indiana is located at the eastern end of the State Route 10 growth corridor that runs across northern Jasper County and about 15 miles south of the suburbanized area of northwest Indiana.  Historically a farming village, today the community functions as more of a bedroom locality for employment centers to the north.  Most local businesses are service oriented catering to the residents as well as the agricultural needs of the area.

1 - Downtown Streetscape - Wheatfield, INWheatfield is growing and this is expected to continue as the trend of suburbanization pushes south from the Valparaiso area in neighboring Porter County.  Major employers NIPSCO and Georgia-Pacific Gypsum call the community home and the area also boasts outstanding public facilities such as the Wheatfield Library, Centennial Park, and Kankakee Valley High School.

With new homes under construction in the area and a stable commercial core of locally owned businesses, Wheatfield offers an bucolic, affordable alternative for those seeking a relaxed lifestyle with access to the amenities typically available in a larger community.  Wheatfield is also the jumping off point for exploration of the Jasper – Pulaski Fish & Wildlife Area to the southeast, provides access to the nearby Kankakee River and related recreational opportunities, and is at the center of the annual Sandhill Crane Migration.

Country Charm

This close-knit community is supported by Town of Wheatfield officials that embrace quality development while striving to preserve the country charm atmosphere valued by old and new residents alike.  Improvements to streetscapes and the wastewater system are ongoing to support future growth.  Committed to its heritage while pursuing progress, Wheatfield is building a modern, full-service community of opportunity.